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Welcome to the Battle Axe TV Series

*Please note: This Website Is Under Construction.*

We are growing at a rapid rate. If you would like to volunteer and help us grow, we would love your assistance. Please contact us through our Parent Ministry at: All Sufficient God Church.

Battle Axe TV is the media ministry of All Sufficient God Church. This website contains the video recordings, audio recordings, and written materials associated with Nathan Daniel Pietsch and ministry associates. The content inside will help prepare you to fulfill your life's purpose. Your relationship with the Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ, and Holy Spirit will also deepen. As you watch, listen, or read, expect to receive healing, deliverance, encouragement, revelation, empowerment, equipping, impartation, or salvation.

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We want to welcome you to Frontline Chronicles, the monthly publication of All Sufficient God Church. This church was founded by Nathan and Dawn Pietsch, frontline missionaries. Every month All Sufficient God Church releases an update from the mission field on what God is doing through this ministry.

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At Battle Axe TV, we are training warriors for the Great Harvest. Jesus said in John 4:35c (NKJV), "...Behold, I say to you, lift up your eyes and look at the fields, for they are already white for harvest!" The great harvest of souls is upon us. God wants to use you to be a "fisher of men" to draw people to Himself. We can help you prepare for your ministry call.

Below, you will find links you can click on that will explain each category that is available to you. For example, HomeFire™ will take you to the Home Page of Battle Axe TV's website. PreachFire™ is the area you want to visit if you are desiring to hear the Bible taught and preached with power and authority. In SoulSavingFire™, you will hear alter call invitations that draw you into a personal relationship with the Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ, and Holy Spirit.

ReceiveFire™ contains power packed prayers and declarations that break strongholds, bring deliverance, release healing miracles, and impart Holy Fire to you. In EnthroneFire™, you will be caught up into the heavenly realm through high level praise and worship. If you prefer to experience a "church-like" service, OverflowFire™, is your section. In ForesightFire™, Nathan Pietsch releases prophetic revelation the Lord has given him.

If you are looking to watch videos directly linked to deliverance, check out DeliveranceFire™. In BeHealedFire™, you can watch healing miracle videos. In HolyBibleFire™, Nathan reads a portion of Scripture and then makes kingdom declarations and prayers surrounding the verses.

At Battle Axe TV, we believe a prayerless warrior is a powerless warrior. In PowerPrayerFire™, you will pray with ferver as Nathan leads you through prayer points. When you pray, you can expect breakthrough in you life. If you want to hear or share testimonies, check out TestifyFire™. In ExcessFire™, you will find miscellaneous video posts, updates, and interviews. In SnapsFire™, you will find a photo gallery of Nathan Pietsch, Dawn Pietsch, and other ministry associates. In ProductsFire™, you can purchase Nathan's books and other content.

If you desire to contact us or schedule Nathan and Dawn Pietsch, or any of our ministry associates for speaking engagements, you can do so in the ScheduleFire™ section. If you would like to sow a one-time love gift or become a monthly partner with the ministry, please visit the SowFire™ area.